February 6th Minutes

John William Boich School Council Meeting

Next Meeting April 3, 2023 6:30 PM 

FEB 6, 2022 Council Meeting

1. Call to order 6.37pm.

2. Welcome by Ms. C. Golightly.

3. Updates on winter playdate

a. Fun day, kids enjoyed choosing activities what brought them joy

b. For next year, school will look into an earlier date

c. Recommendation on hot chocolate is to have 3 urns for next year

d. Going forward looking into buddies for grade 1s for that day so they can walk around


4. Next meeting date is April 3, 2023

5. Ms. C. Golightly discussed:

a. $94k is the budget.

b. $50k left over from last year

c. Upgrades in progress, 11 new screens around the school

d. Long standing items are being looked into

e. Professional learning for teachers

f. Through Pizza school made a profit of $60K

g. Report card were due in on Feb 6, will be distributed on Feb 21

h. Literacy kind for Grade 3/moderated marking

i. Literacy club/ first word letter writing

j. SIPA/literacy and Math

k. Projects being reviewed

l. JK registration/ numbers are down as of now

i. So far looks about 50 registrations lower for next year

ii. New development of high rise at Esso on Appleby should draw footfall to JWB

for new student registration

6. Ms. J. Nikolic discussed:

a. To look into gaps for Junior-to-Intermediate; and locate any gaps and identify the need

for capturing strategies towards it

b. Professional development/ maintaining development sessions between the old and new


c. Staffing process is being looked into for 2023-2024

7. Madam A. Bradbury discussed Winter Art Night, Feb 9

a. Calm Ocean Scene

i. Students have created a piece that focuses on emotions. It is to show that even

though we are calm on the outside but there might be a lot going on

underneath. Creating awareness of the emotions and our state of minds.

8. Upcoming Events

a. Character training assemblies

b. Ski-trips

c. Black history representation

9. Reviewing the Constitution

Jill to go over the JWB constitution with Leslie

10. Dance-a-thon

a. So far 12 parent volunteers for Thursday, Feb 23 and 7 parent volunteers for Feb 24

i. Student council will keep on adding volunteers as and when more volunteers

sign up for it

ii. Sonas will order 4 lights

iii. Colleen to advise on spinning lights

iv. Glow bands have been ordered

v. Students are encouraged to wear white on the day/ email will be sent to the

parents on this

vi. Volunteers and student council will meet on Thursday. Feb 23 at 7pm to

set up and decorate the gym

1. Volley ball tournament in progress prior to that. Hence 7pm decorating

the gym

vii. Students are being offered snack packs to help with fundraising. It is to

be purchased cash online

viii. Drawing of thermometer done by (sorry I don’t recall her name) to

show how much has been raised by the school

11. Welcome package for KG

a. Ms. Golightly requested the school council for $750 for new registrations of KG

students. It was happily approved by the School Council in the meeting

b. The package will include books, scissors, foam letters, crayons, wipe-on and wipe off

12. Year End

a. Dialogue started by Jodi on this

i. More to follow on this after the Dance-a- thon

ii. Date suggested for year end is June 8, 2023

iii. Credit pending from company in Niagara and that will be utilized

towards dump tank

13. Grad Day

a. In the past, 1 or 2 members of the council have volunteers to spearhead this event and

also a committee is formed for the work dedicated towards this

b. Suggestions by Ms. Nikolic, grade 7 teachers can help out and whoever would like to

volunteer for this event as grade 8 parents should enjoy the event

c. Message will be sent out to all grade 7 & 8 parents by Ms. Golightly

d. Date suggested for the event is June 29, 2023

14. Meeting adjourned by …. at 7:45pm.